Upload And Win $$$

Upload and win some easy money from Amateurity ! Each month we pick 3 winners among people
who submitted content to our website...

Prizes are:

  • 1st place: You win $1,000 + a 3 months PREMIUM Membership
  • 2nd place: You win $500 + a 3 months PREMIUM Membership
  • 3rd place: You win $200 + a 1 month PREMIUM Membership

Wanna submit some of your stuff ???

There are 2 easy ways to submit your content ! But first of all, Please ONLY submit your OWN stuff, pics and/or
vids you shot yourself... Stuff you found in the internet are copyrighted and do not belongs to you...

Either you are:
  • A PREMIUM Member:
    Just login into your account and click the "Upload" button on top right of the website and follow
    the instructions, your uploaded stuff will be online a few minutes after your upload is completed...

  • A Free Surfer:
    In that case you can create a .zip file including all your stuff and send it to:
    upload ---- amateurity.com (replace ---- by @).
    Please only send 1 .zip file with all your content (do not attach many files, just put'em all into a .zip file
    and attach this .zip file)...

How are the winners selected ?

Each and every month we select the best submitted content and we contact the winners to send them the prize
they won ! Selection is only done by our staff, taking in consideration many differents criterias
(such as: votes, views, comments...)